January 16, 2008

ABC affectionately

ABC has been on the minds of myself and Worrapalova lately, so the time has come for new music. Click on the image above to hear the new ABC single The Very First Time, from their new album Traffic. Sounds like... ABC! It won't change the world, but Martin still has an ear for a pop melody.

My Top Ten (Plus One) ABC songs:

The Look Of Love (and Part IV)
All Of My Heart
the kindest cut's the cruelest part
Peace and Tranquility
this and the next song are from 2001
4ever 2gether
Speak. No.
Be Near Me
all my dreams came true once more, in tears
How To Be A Millionaire
i've seen the future - i can't afford it!
One Better World
their 90's moment
Poison Arrow
I gave you my heart, the story ends
That Was Then But This Is Now
help yourself to another piece of apple crumble
instrumental medley


El MarvelOso said...

Finally! This album has been in the works for a while. Sounds like ABC. That's good.

Be Near Me is my #1 for ABC.

countpopula said...

I can't believe it's been 11 years since Skyscraping, which was a highly underrated album itself. I probably agree about "Be Near Me"--even Muse must think it a classic (listen to recent single "Starlight"--a liberal dose of ABC, or plagiarism--you be the judge).

jsd said...

Best spoken word moment in pop:

"I thought you loved me but it seems you don't care."
"I care enough to know I can never love you."

D'luv said...

"The Look Of Love" is probably in my top 3 all time fave '80s songs. That and "Poison Arrow" were the first 45s I bought once we got MTV in our house in 1982.

Martin Fry is just class, pure and simple.

Phil said...

ABC!!! I couldn't just leave a comment, could I?

Phil said...


ultraplus said...

Ooh I always sort of hated ABC. Yikes. Crap! ;)

xolondon said...


Great post Phil- I shall comment ovah there.

John said...

"Date Stamp!"