January 28, 2008

'07 Rewind: Oh Annie!

Scroll down this Best of 2007 page/tag for a list of various favorites, including albums and songs of the year...

Don't. Mess. with. Ms. Lennox.

In December I did my "superlatives" post and I forgot something major: the very best of the Misheard Lyric of 2007. I had mentioned some others, but failed to comment on this zinger. Here it is, with evidence:

Actual lyric:

"How can I ever put a stop to it
and look you in the face again"

Misheard lyric:

"How can I ever put a stop to it
and fuck you in the face again"

The evidence:

Annie Lennox Big Sky sample

Pretty damning, I'd say. Is it time to try Annie in my Kangaroo Court or shall we let her go because she is a true humanitarian?


Adem With An E said...

I remember a friend of mine honestly thinking Kylie sang "You better sit yourself (sit yourself) on my face" during the chorus of "Put Yourself In My Place." I love misheard lyrics.

Pablo said...

Seriously...it took me quite a few listens to understand what she's actually suppoused to be saying. I thought it was down to me being a dumbass spaniard but well I've made some british friend of mine listen to it and same thing happened to her.

Made me chuckle!