December 21, 2007

"You had your arm around what's-her-name..."

Some recent remixes I've been marching around the city to...

Darren Hayes Me Myself and I (Wayne G & Andy Allder Totally 80's Mix) 6:35
Dazzer versus Madonna, Lucky Star stylee
via 4 Muzik Freaks

Roisin Murphy Let Me Know (Ian Green Club Mix) 7:31
Clubby but gorge mix of the most important pop song of 2007
via Le Jukeblog de Benzen

Tracey Thorn King's Cross (Hot Chip Remix) 6:45
Not my favorite mix, but kind of elegant and I thought some of you would dig it.
via 4 Muzik Freakz

Rufus Wainwright Tiergarten (Supermayer QB Edit) 6:46
Stick with the shorter version. This is cool because it honors RW's style while adding a beat in the latter half
via Toons 'N Tunes

Robyn Be Mine (Verschwende Deine Jugend Remix) 4:31
Very Tron-ish mix that keeps the melody upfront. Ocelot mix also worthy...
via Fhaid Unrated

Goldfrapp A&E (Gui Boratto Mix) 6:52
Urgent and elegant, this mix takes awhile to get going, but it's more seductive than the official version
via 4 Muzik Freakz

and last, a very special link for all you gorgeous peoples...

Cher & The Osmonds Stevie Wonder Medley (Live - Cher Show) 5:00
You can also watch this majestic piece of auditory art here
via All That Glitters Ain't Gold


countpopula said...

OK, the Cher/ Funny how I was just talking with someone the other day about how Cher's TV stuff needs to be released on DVD soon, shows and specials. There is a skimpy Sonny & Cher set, and that's it.

The US this fall saw releases from Johnny Cash (his show with performances from Ray Charles, Neil Young, George Jones, etc), Barry Manilow (the 5 TV specials from 1977-88), and Captain & Tennille (3 specials with audio commentary!)--all I'm sayin' is, if it can be done for them, it can be done for Cher--especially when there were so many iconic guest stars. Why it wasn't done during her neverending farewell tour is beyond me.

Dan said...

I'm totally with countpopula on the release of Cher's TV stuff on DVD. What the hell is the hold up? :)

Anyway, that Stevie Wonder tribute is a great early Christmas present. She may not be the world's greatest singer, but like another iconic female that I am thinking of, she sure knows how to put on a show. Of course, there's infinitely more "embarrassing stuff" in Cher's past than in Madge's.