December 30, 2007

Top Ten + 1 Albums of 2007

The Top Three:

1 Siobhan Donaghy Ghosts
Read my full post about the Album Of The Year.

Key tracks: Medevac, Halcyon Days, So You Say, There's A Place, Don't Give It Up

2 Sophie Ellis-Bextor Trip The Light Fantastic
After 2 previous solo albums that were more like singles sets with filler, Sophie nailed it on the 14-track Trip. She does it all, Blondie poprock on Catch You, Pet Shop Boysian dramatic balladry on Can't Have It All and one of the more unique Xenomania productions of the year, If You Go. Read my full review.

Key tracks: If You Go, Can't Have It All, New York City Lights, Catch You and What Have We Started, among many other gems.

3 Darren Hayes This Delicate Thing We’ve Made
Incredibly ambitious double CD with some perfect moments and a few failures. A huge risk that paid off for pop fans. Read my full review ...and this too!

Key tracks: Who Would Have Thought, Conversation With God, Step Into The Light, Tuning Of Violins, The Future Holds A Lion's Heart.

and the rest, in no order:

Roisin Murphy Overpowered
When Roisin is good, she is electrifying. This album is jam packed with brilliant tracks and, I think, a big leap forward from her first solo CD. I have to also say that among many physically beautiful pop women this year, she was the queen. Read my full review and more about the Artist Of 2007.

Key tracks: Let Me Know (song of the year!), You Know Me Better, Primitive, Cry Baby

Ghosts The World Is Outside
The best Britpop album since Keane's Hope And Fears, no contest. I love this band's fearlessness to really be POP. I think a second album is in the works - I really hope so.

Key tracks: Stop, Stay The Night, Ghosts and Temporary. Brilliant b-side with Hate This Music.

Tracey Thorn Out Of The Woods
The return everyone had been waiting for. What was thrilling about this album, which I never reviewed because it rendered me speechless, was the surprising breadth of styles. Out Of The Woods has moments of acoustic beauty, pure blissful pop and dancefloor coolness. Her voice has never sounded better. Thank GOD she is back. This probably should be in the Top 3.

Key tracks: It's All True, Raise The Roof, Nowhere Near, By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept (brilliant song title!)

Patrick Wolf The Magic Position
The first great album of 2007. This is Patty's finest moment, combining the best elements of his first two records, and raising the bar with his finest lyrics and melodies. Read my full review.

Key tracks: Augustine (lyric of the year), The Magic Position, Stars, Bluebells

Sara Bareilles Little Voice
Beautiful debut record by the best female voice to emerge from America in years. Sara belongs in the group with Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan and Billy Joel. Read my full review.

Key tracks: Love Song, Gravity, Between The Lines, One Sweet Love

Suzanne Vega Beauty And Crime
Unexpected return from the great singer/songrwriter who launched an army of female musicians in the years following her chart-toppers. Ths is her third best record after the debut and Solitude Standing. Jimmy Hogarth's production gives SV's songs the complexity they deserve. Major record. Read my full review.

Key tracks: Ludlow Street, Bound, Pornographer's Dream

Annie Lennox Songs Of Mass Destruction
The great Diva of our time brings it with her best vocal performance ever and her finest album since her solo debut Diva. Annie goes pretty deep for most older fans and this CD is no exception. Alongside classic Annie songs like Dark Road and Love Is Blind, she included surprises like the Eurythmics-y synth gem Coloured Bedspread and the "filmic", sentimental Fingernail Moon. Add in the Elton John-ish Smithereens (sad song!) and her finest vocal performance ever on Big Sky. Read my full review.

Key tracks: Big Sky, Smithereens, Love Is Blind

Kylie Minogue X
The final analysis is, for me, that Kylie X is brilliant. She has a great formula here: 1) classic Kylie songs like Stars and Wow, 2) modern Kylie on The One and Sensitized 3) successful new styles on All I See and In My Arms, 4) gorge emotional ballad on Cosmic and 5) attempts at "radicalism" that fail horribly, like Nu-di-ty. Read my full review.

Key tracks: Wow, The One, All I See

Best Album of 2007 that is actually from 2005:

Robyn Robyn
How many times has this CD been released? The final version with With Every Heartbeat and Jack U Off is the best. I left the songs off my lists because they are old. With Every Heartbeat was on my best song list last year but never wore out its welcome.

Key tracks: With Every Heartbeat, Be Mine!, Should've Known, Konichiwa Bitches

Other great albums:

Girls Aloud Tangled Up
Key tracks: Call The Shots, Control Of The Knife, Black Jack

Tom Baxter Skybound
Better, Skybound, Night Like This, Last Shot

Just Jack Overtures
Key tracks: Disco Friends, Starz In Their Eyes, No Time

Mandy Moore Wild Hope
Key tracks: Extraordinary, Wild Hope, Nothing That You Are

The Hours Narcissus Road
Key tracks: Ali In The Jungle, Back When You Were Good, Love You More

Dragonette Galore
Key tracks: Take It Like A Man, Competition, Another Day, I Get Around

Passengers Wicked Man's Rest
Key tracks: Four Horses, Wicked Man's Rest, Walk You Home

Rufus Wainwright Release The Stars
Key tracks: Going To A Town, Between My Legs, Nobody's Off The Hook, Release The Stars

Lucky Soul The Great Unwanted
Key tracks: The Great Unwanted, Ain't Never Been Cool, Lips Are Unhappy (great song title!), My Darling Anything

Wonder what I forgot?!

See 2006's Best Albums list


Phil said...

I've yet to listen to Passengers, The Hours and Ghost! But I'm going to check them out right now.

Roe-sheen and Tracey Thorn should be on EVERYONE'S list. Amazing.

And I must be the only person in the blogosphere who doesn't get Sophie EB and Darren Hayes.

Siobahn is the deserved number one.

lucas said...


Lots of overlap on our lists, natch... :-)

but i'm filing Darren under 'biggest disappointment." :-(

You are making me want to revisit Ghosts.... if only I could stop listening to Chasing Pavements. :-) xo, L

DanProject76 said...

Oh my.... our lists are very similar!

My Top 20 includes
Siobhan Donaghy
Sophie Ellis Bextor
Roisin Murphy
Tracey Thorn
Patrick Wolf
Sara Bareilles
Rufus Wainwright
Lucky Soul

Runners up include
Kylie Minogue

Shows how much influence your blog has had over me in the past year. I'm doing my list in chunks every day this week.... with videos!

Anonymous said...

XO, you are the best!
Siobhan Donaghy i love
Here's my top 30:

1 - PJ Harvey - White Chalk
2 - Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
3 - Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson
4 - Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars
5 - Perry Blake - Canyon Songs
6 - Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
7 - Bill Callahan - Woke on A Whaleheart
8 - M.I.A. - Kala
9 - Kylie Minogue - X
10 - Phosphorescent - Pride
11 - Richard Hawley - Lady's Bridge
12 - Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus
13 - Blonde Redhead - 23
14 - Suzanne Vega - Beauty & Crime
15 - Sarah Nixey - Sing, Memory
16 - Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers
17 - Panda Bear - Person Pitch
18 - Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City
19 - Feist - The Reminder
20 - The National - Boxer
21 - Interpol - Our Love To Admire
22 - LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver
23 - Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
24 - Puressence - Don't Forget To Remember
25 - Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat
26 - Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala
27 - Liars - Liars
28 - Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger
29 - Bruce Springsteen - Magic
30 - Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

xolondon said...

Great minds think alike!

I honestly think Darren Hayes is kind of an acquired taste (ironic given his status outside N America). His voice grates on some people, but I like it.

Tacim, on Jan 1 I will put up this big list of songs I liked in 2007 and you will see MANY of your artists on there, some unexpected.

Zeon said...

Let's see...for now I can be sure Suzanne and Tracey will both have a place in my Top 100 Songs of 2007 (still in the making! sigh...), and actually your raving reviews inspired me to go check out their albums.

For me, 2007 is quite a disappointing year album-wise, though, a lot of those albums I had high hopes for turned out to be at a lesser standard than I expected. (one of them, sadly, is Feist)

What I didn't get: Dragonette, Patrick Wolf and Darren Hayes. Just not my cup of tea. said...

Great list; we have very similar tastes in music (but we have already established this). I am surprised not to see Feist or the Sugababes up there, though. And I couldn't agree more about Robyn's album. It would have been in my top 5 if it actually would have been released this year... sigh.

xolondon said...

Feist was on the bottom list but I changed it out with Dragonette. She had soe MAJOR songs, but I didn't love the album as a whole quite enough to place it on my list (or "sublist").

Poster Girl said...

I need to get Sophie's album. "If You Go" is still one of my favorite songs of the year, so I'm not sure why I haven't yet. I really like Ghosts' "Stop" as well; that may be an album worth checking out, maybe a little more cautiously, as well, then.

I still love so much about the Darren album--I was just listening to it again a few nights ago and still finding new favorite "moments" or little things in songs to love.

Myfizzypop said...

Great list xo. You are so fucking classy whereas I am a pimping pop whore with little taste :) Still our music makes us happy and sometimes we overlap (see Upper Room, Lorraine, Mr Hudson, Captain, The Feeling et al). Great great list (oh i already said that!) and am starting to love the Siobhan album as well as Sara Bareilles. Better late than never, eh>?!