December 1, 2007

Today is World AIDS Day

Annie Lennox has just released a new video for her charity song Sing. This is not my favorite song by her, but it is anthemic and I appreciate the message. I also think the song works pretty well with the new images. There is a little "James Brownish" boy dancing throughout the video (seen first at 1:02ish) that is really cute, but more seriously, the most compelling part of the video is when she's walking through the mass graves that are all toddler sized.

One of the most amazing stats Annie gives is that pregnant women with AIDS can now take a drug that will prevent the disease from spreading to their children. This is quite major! But there is no money or means of getting the drug to most women, so the disease just grows.

It's all very abstract to people in developed countries, but I think about the baby that I've spent a lot of time holding this past few months and then try to imagine a situation where she is in Africa with AIDS and no decent meds or maybe just no parents. It boggles the mind. And this week George Bush asked Congress for 200 billion dollars to continue the war.

The remixes of the songs are on iTunes now (I assume in other countries as well). The Dean Coleman Silent Sound mixes are pretty good. Don't rip it from somewhere - pay for it. I did! Strangely, there is still not a mix that really highlights the guest star vocalists.

Arjanwrites has a full post on Sing. If you want to donate money to the cause Annie supports you can do it here at Treatment Action Campaign. Thing is, you can donate only $5 if you want. It doesn't have to be some big amount.

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