December 28, 2007

"The stage is set"

Imogen Heap just did her final vBlog of the year. She has a new car (just got her license) and has decorated it for Christmas. Note that she even has Christmas cards up on the side window! [Did I mention I made all my cards this year? It was fun, but an absurd money pit. AND my mother did not even mention the one I sent her, which specifically had an angel on it for her!] Anyway, Immi just turned 30 and had a massive party, which you'll see in the blog. Kate Havnevik makes a cameo with an interesting cake. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail? See what Immi wore here. The previous vBlog was quite good too, by the way.

Imogen says her album is 90% written, with recording in the new year and a new song, Not Now But Soon, for Heroes, to tide us over in February. You can hear a few seconds of it around minute 2 in this vblog.

2 comments: said...

I absolutely loved her last record; I can't wait to see what she does next.

Joseph said...

New song for Heroes? Best news I've heard in weeks!