December 4, 2007

Mixtape: A little lightness I threw up somewhere

Lorraine's "new" single Saved is out on December 10, but in 7" vinyl only. I never understand this... I don't have a record player that I use anymore. Would Lorraine fans? I think, you know, Decemberists fans might, but not pop music fans. Luckily, there is a digital release.

My "new" reference above reminds me of DanProject's funny comment about Robyn's "new" single which was actually released in 2005! With Every Heartbeat, such a huge hut this year, was on my Tops Songs List of 2006. Anyhoo, Dan was commenting on Worrapalova's post with Robyn's Be Mine remix, which is brill.

Rufus Wainwright unleashes his Judy Garland CD / DVD this week in separate packages, each with a lousy cover. I will probably write more on this, but I actively despise Judy Garland.

Roisin Murphy is selling the live recording of her recent Ancienne Belgique gig. Oddly, you can buy it at her shows now, but the vendor tells me I cannot have it until February 25! Right. Not even a download. And I paid a FORTUNE for it. Also, it's not the complete show, so proceed with caution. I'll report back when I hear it...

Good news for Torchwood fans! The writer's strike in the US has led BBC America to launch the new series early, on January 26, with little delay from the UK launch.

Did you ever notice that John Barrowman and Jack Harkness look just alike? So think of this video as Jack Harkness singing Air Supply in a very special episode of Torchwood. Cheesy.

-dry heave- is running around telling people he's just recorded an amazing song with Madonna and Kanye West. God help us.

Clare & The Reasons are in the Times Online. has a piece on Bjork's new Michel Gondry-directed video for Declare Independence, which is sort of her Patti-Smith-ish punk-pop song. I was interested to see that one fab site for Bjork has finally assessed that Volta is "disliked" by many fans. No kidding. I played it all of 3 times.

Did you notice that Babydaddy loves him some Chartrigger? I'm not startin' any rumors, but... what unspeakable acts did he have to do for that? :) Thank God it wasn't Elton.

I attended my first Christmas party on Saturday night. It was packed and there were like 5 trees including a white, upside-down one covered with white owls and a pink tree with Cat In The Hats all over it!

I have a zillion 2007 lists to post starting with yesterday's Album Covers. Also up this week is a free Christmas song from an artist I began my year with and maybe an interview with the Hot Chickadee of 2008. We'll see - anything can happen. I might randomly run into some massively talented artist. You just never know...

Yes, that's a PSB image above, supplied by Tricky Dicky.


Myfizzypop said...

i love your mixtape posts! "Thank god it wasn't Elton" made me laugh so very very hard! And also put vile images in my head. So, uh, thanks?

PS ~ Do they even sell record players anymore? I think bands put things out on vinyl so they can say "oh it didn't chart well because it was a VINYL release for the 'fans'"

Yuяi said...

Love the cover shot...very DISCO 4-Christmas!

The Richard said...

Jason, sorry, Yuri, how right you are. In fact it's the cover image of the PSB's 2007 Fan Club Christmas card which lollopped onto my doormat yesterday...

Phil said...

I want a PSB xmas light vomit card!

"Dear Santa, I'd like an annual membership of the Pet Shop Boys Fan Club please. Oh, and any copies of Disco 4, just give 'em to Rudolph. He hasn't been out for at least a year and won't have heard these 'new' tracks. Big kiss, Philx" said...

7"-only and a digital release is the latest trend in the UK due to the costs associated with manufacturing + getting good store placement. It's not worth it for the labels now that most cd singles (esp rock/indie) sell so few copies.