December 11, 2007

Then again I did not want to be saved

I waited so long my hair grew grey and my teeth fell out. Almost. Lorraine finally released their first official single from their forthcoming album. Today. Worldwide on most versions of iTunes.

The song is Saved and many of you have heard it before, but this is a slightly remixed version by Dave Bascombe who has worked with Tears For Fears among others. The new mix is slightly more crisp, the the vocals laid right on top. It's a great song and the 6:40 MHC Vocal Mix is quite nice.

Totally new is a downtempo b-side called The Mess That We Are, which has the kind of rubbery guitar sound that was prevalent in the 80's with groups like China Crisis. There's even a Spandau Ballet-ish sax moment.

In the pop music realm, there are very few artists who 1) do it well and 2) are men. So pay for this one! Note that it's from iTunes Plus (US link) which requires download of the latest version of iTunes. This caused me much angst a few weeks back, but it's fine now and if you have any problems, email me.

No specific title or date for Lorraine's album, but let me guess February because that's when everything is coming out. I do hope Anders gets a proper shirt for Christmas. Really - take a close look at what's he wearing in the photo above. What's going on there?!


D'luv said...

Don't Lorraine know that crew cuts and trainers are out again?

Phil said...

Is that a neck brace...

I'd just finished posting about the boys and then whizzed over to yors for a looksee and you'd done a post on them too. hahahaha Great minds and all that.