December 23, 2007

Endcap: Patrique's Annus Exoticus

Patrick Wolf finally succumbed to fashion disease at his finale concerts for The Magic Position last week. The pic above is quite subdued compared to the full horror... I am partial to gingham, aren't you?

Patrick had quite a year. Never a dull moment for this talented drama queen...

  1. He released his technicolor opus The Magic Position (my review here)
  2. Wrote my favorite song lyrics this year for Augustine (read them)
  3. Posed for photos beautiful and horrid
  4. Attacked his druggy drummer
  5. Princess obnoxiously "quit" the music business
  6. Unsurprisingly "returned" to the music business moments later
  7. Didn't bother with support for his magic wand
  8. Became a Burberry model in all the fashion rags
  9. Did stripteases onstage in Europe
  10. Finally toured America, doing a gorge set in DC (my review here)
  11. Posed grandly (see below) for a Vanity Fair piece on those bloody eccentric Englishmen
  12. Up in '08: A digital release of new recordings of vault materials and expanded releases of his first three albums, also digitally.

amazing live photo at top by
Natalia Urazmetova


Adem With An E said...

The costume in the last two pics from Natalia's set are a bit bonkers/Bjork, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Wolflikesex is one of the best lovers. Magic Position is excellent record.