December 2, 2007

Album Covers Of The Year

This is the first of my Best Of 2007 posts!

Siobhan Donaghy Ghosts:

Kylie Minogue X:

Lucky Soul The Great Unwanted:

Patrick Wolf The Magic Position:

Last, a single cover I actually prefer to the album cover...

Roisin Murphy Let Me Know:

What are your picks?


Anonymous said...

Wolf's cover is the best!

Anonymous said...

There is something magical about Siobhan's cover that I still am in love with. Sigh.

Adem With An E said...

Yay! Top choices Mister.

At the moment I'm leaning towards "X" being my favourite, but Siobhan's up there as well.

Anonymous said...

Siobhan's cover so dreamy!

countpopula said...

Bravo! Fantastic choices--LOVE them all! What though, no Bjork as an easter egg? That would have to be another fave cover of mine (granted, the whole sticker thing was annoying), along with Siouxsie's "Mantaray", Tracey Thorn's "Out of the Woods", and M.I.A.'s "Kala" (for the colors). The Annie Lennox was interesting, but not really representative of the music within.

Worst is probably the Britney (shame because the album isn't bad), and that Spice Girls best of (lazy). Some may also dislike the Girls Aloud cover without anything but block letters.

xolondon said...

Annie could easily have been on this list, yes! I liked the Siouxsie cover too, but preferred the simpler single cover.

Did not like the Bjork cover, but then I have a great lack of love for the whole Volta project, as you'll soon see on this blog!

D'luv said...

Robyn had a second album out this year called The Magic Position?? How'd I miss that?

Anonymous said...

Tori's American Doll Posse could have had the best cover if she had stuck to the first promo photo for the album (the one where she is holding the bible). That was awesome. In the end the actual cover was ok-ish but actually quite disappointing, I thought.

Thumbs up re Siobhan. Excellent cover!

xolondon said...

Totally agree about Tori, Doron.

I also thought the Bjork cover I first posted as the cover was better than the final one - and don't get me started on that damn sticker.

Anonymous said...

Hello xolondon,

I love your site. I’ve been meaning to say so for ages!

Great choice of covers. I also love the simplicity and retro type of Jamie Scott’s “Park Bench Theories”.