December 10, 2007

2008: Deep Inside The Feeling

"He carried English bayonets in an English way..."

Q Magazine recently did a piece on Join With Us, the upcoming sophomore album by The Feeling, due out on February 18. The first single, I Thought It Was Over, debuted on Jo Whiley and I'm having a mixed reaction. Though I've not heard it in hi-fi, I think I can safely say that it's not a great leap forward. Sounds like an album track from their debut, meaning not bad, but unremarkable. Judge for yourself at The Society For... . Maybe it will grow on me

Piecing together details I've gathered from Q and various other sources, including The Feeling's blog, I can tell you this:

  • The album is self-produced. The planned collaboration with Trevor Horn did not materialize. There are still big orchestrals on the record.
  • Won't Go Away has a sax solo. Ohdeargod.
  • Without You was written in my state, Virginia, the same sad day a crazy kid killed a lot of students and faculty at VA Tech.
  • Another ballad is called Connor
  • Columbia has a Hammond organ and female vocals
  • Regarding I Thought It Was Over, Q says it sounds like Mika, but Dan says The Who mixed with dance. I think it sounds like The Feeling, which means like ELO on a summer break in Brighton.
  • The artwork is by Juno, who also did the Zutons' album and the Arctic Monkeys.
  • Upcoming b-sides include You've Got Big Eyes and Play Don't Think.

Sophomore CDs are such a crapshoot. For every masterpiece (A Rush Of Blood To The Head), there is a poor one, like the new Hard-FI. This group seems to have a lot of integrity, but I think Hard-FI do too. Dan and the boys do seem to still get along well, so that's a good sign.

Watch this sweet live version of Never Be Lonely.

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7 comments: said...

Oh that is disappointing. I really liked their debut. Maybe it will be better than we expect? Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

I've got the proper version and I love it. Lyrics about the fall of the Berlin Wall? How very random, what's not to love.

I think it's a big grower, and the little 1s wigout 30s from the end is amazing.

Although I shall be trying to submit psychic SHAVE thoughts next time I see Dan.

xolondon said...

GOOD idea re Shave!

Adem With An E said...

Oh my, I really love this!

D'luv said...

Absolutely love it! Perfect pop!

countpopula said...

Well, I will say this is a little less "Huey Lewis" than their past material (not my opinion, but that of a former employee of mine). However, it has a rough quality that, when polished up, would make a great Sophie Ellis-Bextor track. Ok overall, but not really as good as the new Delays song IMO...

Myfizzypop said...

well of course i fucking love it but i have to confess it took me about 3 goes to love it. Still i was listening to it on a crappy internet cafe computer....