November 16, 2007

XOvision: Looks like an early Christmas

Ask and ye shall receive, yadda yadda...

Sugababes Change:

Beautiful song, but clearly an art school student directed this on peyote. Wot are these looks!? One is a bird (pun!), another a flower arrangement, and then Heidi looks like she has a horrible skin disease eating her neck and face. Not to mention the chorus with her in blackface. Or, you know, black glittery face. Then it all goes Nymph Christmassy. Geddit? Seasons change, etc etc. A watch-it-only-once clusterfuck of imagery and styles.

Gwen Stefani Early Winter:

As if to say, "I'm still here dudes!", Bitchin' Gwen throws a curveball by releasing a new video from her ancient and forgotten Sweet Escape record. This one for her pretty Keane song, which should have come out last Christmas. Was this shot in Budapeshhht? It's nice enough, but it's all been done hasn't it? Couture, flailing, falling, twirling, angst, all in slo-mo. Just when you think she's ditched the Marilyn look for what Krissy calls the smokey eye, voila, there is the red lippy all over again. Second video this week (see above) with transparent use of snow - this time indoors - screaming "Make me a Christmas #1!"

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Unknown said...

You were thinking the same thing I was thinking. We are treated to this new exclusive video for 'Change' every hour on the hour here in the UK and as nice as the song is, the video is 'not great'. Oh well.