November 7, 2007


Perhaps sensing the polarized response to her new single, Kylie Minogue is bringing out the big guns for her forthcoming album launch: wigs! The Kylie Show will feature the impossible princess in a whole bunch of guises, including the two above. It's very Cher of her, ce n'est pas?

There was some good and bad news in the Kyliesphere today. First, new b-side I Don't Know What It Is is sadly not a Rufus Wainwright cover (joke!), but it is a rotten egg, tedious at best. The good news is that the iTunes bonus tracks will be a "much anticipated" studio version of White Diamond and a new thing called Magnetic Electric.

If you'd like to hear a Kylie X clip preview (all songs) clicky here dear.

I got these pics from Kylie Brasil.


Myfizzypop said...

its all very hypetastic n'est pas? I can't wait til saturday! I'm sure it will be all over the net minutes after it finishes :P Oh and HUGE congrats to you for you AM interview :)

Adem With An E said...

For a millisecond, I thought that first picture was Mutya sexing herself up.

I like what I've heard of the previews for "X" - it sounds like the kind of album I'm going to play a LOT this coming Summer. EXCEPT SENSITIZED, which is still shit.

Chris Krakora said...

Actually it would more "Cher" of her to a "farewell tour" that goes on for years touring to praticlly every corner of the globe.

I'll be looking forward to this. I hope that this'll come to America in some shape or form soon. If not, ta least there's YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, here's a clip from the show where Kylie and her sister Danii do a "Dynasty" cat fight: