November 6, 2007

We look at life as a free ride

Okay. I'm dusting myself off, tightening my booty and joining the Lorraine parade. That's the Norwegian indie pop group's new logo above (bye bye trees) - reminiscent of Travis' font isn't it? Here are are some actual details regarding the grand return:

Their new single is a redone Saved with a b-side called The Mess That We Are, plus remixes of Saved by Dave Armstrong & Redroche and MHC. No specific release date yet.

It comes from an album due out in early 2008. There is a free download of Beautiful Thing (MHC Remix) on the myspace player (see little download link below title).

Lorraine are playing in London soon and everyone needs to go since I cannot: They'll be at Water Rats on Tuesday, November 27 (doors at 7) - it's 18 and over. Tickets are £6.00.

Before I close, did anyone catch the obscure reference in this post to a famous late-80's Scottish group? Also. be sure to see what I've said about Lorraine in the past by clicking on the label below.

Thanks muchly to Karen for doing all the work to keep people updated, including creating a Lorraine Facebook group.


D'luv said...

Late'80s Scottish group? Um.... ABBA? 20 Fingers featuring Gilette? Yellowcard?

Poor Lorraine.... remember when they opened for Pet Shop Boys at the Tower Of London a year and a half ago, and the world seemed to be their oyster for a brief time?

Here's hoping they'll do much better with RCA...

Myfizzypop said...

i'm scared to get excited for Lorraine. they look like heart breakers e.g. i will get all thrilled over their music again and they will go the same way as the upper room, the modern, etc etc. Sniffle.

The Richard said...

We all wait with breath that is bated, etc etc.

However, that logo. I love the silhouettes, but it uses that cursed typeface which every single act in the world uses at the moment. I mean, hello designers! there are more out there! Let's get original!

I better buy some concert tickets.