November 19, 2007

We don't have to go far

On Popjustice this weekend, some clueless doof pronounced Darren Hayes "humorless." In response, a quick-witted poster linked to these two videos, part 1 and 2 of a recent radio interview in Australia.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Bonus Stuff:
Chartrigger met Darren in LA last week and here is a
clip of him singing Casey [err, Darren, not D'luv!]. Pay attention for a brief "interpolation" of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. Here also is an interview with Darren about his sexuality and music.

Now, Mister Hayes has spoken to a healthy number of bloggers and yet. not. me. O pop music gods and goddesses, when will that happen?


Anonymous said...

Humourless is right. He's trying to be oh so funny, but failing miserably. COuld Darren be a bigger queen?

Moreove, why are Darren and Robyn the most overrated artists in blogland?

xolondon said...

Yes, actually he could be a "bigger queen"- you charmer! I don't know where you come from, but where I live Darren would not classify as very queeny.

Sorry you don't like him (or Robyn).

Brittle said...

I don't know Darren personally, but his earnest, po-faced album does strike me as humorless.

xolondon said...

I guess I get that, but it's not as if the CD is all earnest. It has fun songs, though I am not a fan of his new single.

Going with your comment, it seems the company he is in for "humorless" would include who - maybe Siobhan Donaghy, Sarah Nixey, Tracey Thorn, yes? Not bad company.

countpopula said...

Finally got a chance to see these interviews--HYSTERICAL! I don't think he was trying especially hard to be funny...he obviously has a quick wit. One might think he was humorless if their grip on the english language wasn't so hot. When he said "BJ" I about lost it--what timing!

Since when is being humorless a barometer for good music? And why is Robyn getting dragged into this? Some apparantly feel Darren's album is "earnest" and "po-faced". I'm sure he's sorry for trying to create something special and a little more thoughtful than the average manufactured stuff on his own dollar. If you want humor, both singles released have some--it may not be crass or juvenile, but they are both wry, witty, and super catchy--and the guy can SING.

Anonymous said...

I don't know a great deal about Darren and am a casual fan of his music. I have to say, the interview clips were great. I thought he came off very quick-witted, self-effacing and charming.

Thanks for sharing the clips! Love yer blog, BTW!

Brittle said...

Yes, popula, the reason why I think his album is humorless is because ma engrish wery po'. I'm just a Chinaman.

xolondon said...

I don't think popula was referring to you, honestly, although I suppose I really should not speak for others.

D'luv said...

Maybe everyone should just sit down and listen to Good Humour.

Seventeen....high school queen...yeah, you're pretty cute....