November 7, 2007

That's Armistead, not Amistad

You can read the 2/3 of my interview with author Armistead Maupin in the online version of Instinct. The full version, along with a picture de moi (you've seen it before - it's not a Testino shot), is now on American newsstands. I know Borders sells it in many markets.

Next up? A Vanity Fair story on Bill Clinton. ...well, not really.

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babs said...

I bought it at Borders Tuesday or Wednesday, for friend solidarity. :). Haven't read it, though saw your pic. Congrats. Yay! I am amused though by some of the awful gay-themed movies that they are advertising.

Hope the paparazzi haven't been too invasive, yet. Have you gotten the pic. that takes you getting coffee or tea or some cupcake or something? It seems like they always have that one in US weekly or one of the mags.