November 18, 2007

Mixtape: Let the funky music do the talking, talking

That's the Ewan MacGregor above, whose new Long Way Down biker/travel series is currently running on BBC2 in the UK. I love the first one (and own it on DVD) because Ewan is My Favorite Person On Earth.

I love the little colored iPods on Adem's new website, Adem With An E, which is kind of Liza With A Z, isn't it? With hope, Adem will not end up a drug-addled highkicker with hip problems and Michael Jackson as his maid of honor... Anyway, his first review is of his beloved Girls Aloud.

Speaking of, let's look at Sarah Girls Aloud's sexy nip. And what are "black jacks running down my back"?

The self-destruction of Amy Winehouse is really tragic. Once again, a celebrity who is not being looked after. Why is her label not pulling the plug on her tour? Is it their effort to suck every dime they can out of her? Why not protect the brand?

Apparently Roisin has Madonna's superhuman ability to recover quickly from an accident. It's all very Heroes. Check out this new pic from the great Roisin Murphy Blog.

kd lang, who I love, has a new album out in February called Watershed. Her first original songwriting since 2000! She produced the album herself...

I've been obsessed with Saturday Night Fever all week due to a lengthy Vanity Fair article about the making of it. I've never seen it, though I had the singles on those RSO 45's with the little red cow. The DVD was rereleased in September, but no stores sell it. Increasingly it is hard to buy music or movies in a store, have you noticed this? That record store culture is this close to dead. I shiver every time I walk by the empty Tower Records store. It's like remembering someone who died.

Alicia Keys album is wallpaper. The songs are not there and the arrangements are overdone. Too bad, her last one was a keeper.

Did you catch the Pet Shop Boys post by Worrapolava? I would not have known about that otherwise.

Will Richard review Kylie? It's logical. [Edit: he did!]

I wanted to write a song called Cosmic...

Melanie C actually looks great in these pics at Design Scene. I think the Spice Girls reunion is a bit of a bust. Hope they pull out the stops on the tour, because their new tunes are dismal. Do not let me speak about Geri's abs ever again.

My car repairs this week cost $1150! I don't have that kind of money, so it's back to the street corners for me. I thought I'd given up that life...

Not sure what happened to my Dannii Minogue post. Stay tuned for that and an introduction to the hot new girl of 2008. We have to start thinking ahead.

Finally, what I hope never to be: A reviewer who places him/herself far above the artist s/he is contemplating. I've done it a few times with Janet, but that's because she used to be brilliant and then sold her soul. Anyway, read this opening line of a recent review of Annie Lennox's new album: "Few thoughts are less worth contemplating than Annie Lennox as a woman with feelings and such." I assume this is supposed to be a polemic - that the reviewer doesn't really mean it, but he never really convinces me he doesn't. It would be logical and fair of me to link to the review so you could read it in context, but, you know, I really don't think this swaggering wanker needs my support. You can google it if you so desire.


D'luv said...

Oh, Ewan...those eyes... if music be the food of love, play on!

I, too, recall my "Jive Talkin'" 45 with the red cow RSO label on it! I was like 3, but I used to play that and Elton's "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" (plus my mom's old "Build Me Up Buttercup") to death!

Dan said...

Heidi will melt into a puddle when she sees that picture of Ewan. I'll try to mop her up and put her back together again.

Re: Saturday Night Fever - I really love that movie - I always wanted to watch it when it was on broadcast TV back in the early 80s but really, I was too young to understand the subtleties of that film. For me, it is a perfect encapsulation of a time period long gone. The difference between movies like that and period pieces where the time period is recreated is just fascinating to me.

And Re: that reviewer. For me, nothing is more worth contemplating than the humanity of those that we, for lack of a better term, idolize.

(a funny aside, word verification is xxgagg)

Michael AKA Cayman said...

Great photo of Róisín! Just thinking about her accident makes my skull ache. Glad she's recovering so well.

countpopula said...

Wow, what a voluminous mixtape!

Ewan--LOVED him in Moulin Rouge, Down With Love, Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, etc.

Girls Aloud--strangely becoming a new convert. Just bought Chemistry and What Would the Neighbours Say (I had Sound of the Underground for some strange reason--I live in the US), so Tangled Up will be a fab surprise when I finally hear it!

Amy Winehouse--for the love of God get your act together.

Roisin Murphy--we love you muchly.

SNF--I loved those RSO's too! My "Tragedy" 45 and Andy Gibb 45's had them too!

PSB--A million thanks. Could this be better than Disco 4?

My car cost $700 last month, so I feel your pain.

Kylie--ditto Girls Aloud on the X anticipation.

Dannii--bring it on.

Unknown said...

Roisin looks ace. I cannot wait to see her live at the end of this month. It'll be fierce.

The Kylie album is SUCH a pleasant surprise. The clips did not sound promising but the actual full thing is excellent. I agree with what you said about ALL I SEE. I actually love it although when I first heard the clip from it a couple of weeks back I thought it was going to be pap.

I am NOT sure about TANGLED UP, yet, though. Could it be that Chemistry was better?

The Dannii needs to release LOVE FIGHT as a single otherwise I am never speaking to her ever again. It'll never happen but I'm just sayin'...


The Richard said...

If I may, I'll pick up on a tiny tidbit you mentioned: the kd lang news, which is big.

I'm sure I am not alone in having all her albums (particularly that last '49th Parallel' slice of heaven) and am a confessed obsessive about her voice and most specifically when that voice is performing Roy Orbison's 'Crying', which I have done live a couple of times times. I'll make it a hat trick in January - I have London concert tickets. Can't wait.

And, alright, I will rise to your challenge.

designscene said...

aw Melvin C !!! =)
heh she does i wish she gets as interesting as that shoot is

Adem With An E said...

I was wondering on the weekend whether your Dannii post would make it online. I haven't had time to finish my one yet and now I've forgotten half of the things I wanted to say.

I like the Liza With A Z reference ;)

Myfizzypop said...

oh how i love your mix tape posts. Especially when it comes to references about working those street corners (how we met! Really!!!) and Adem being a bit drug addled (imagine how surreal his blog would be?!). How lovely :)

Phil said...

My, aren't the PSB popular. I hope people managed to get past that awful opening page to the homepage. There's minimal and there's downright annoying!

Blackjacks are a chewy liquorice sweet over here. Maybe they were left on a radiator and melted then sarah comes along and leans up against it?

Unknown said...

you should know that this k.d. lang album is like the best news ever--and it's coming out in the US on my BDAY!!!! (FEB 5, FEB 5, FEB 5, FEB 5). she is my mentor, my idol. i LOVE the single "I Dream of Spring". her best song yet. ~Dev

xolondon said...

Hello Devian! Isn't it weird that you can get the kd song in the UK but not the US? odd.

Sounds like she is going a bit more for a muted Ingenue thing on her next CD. We'll see...

I agree with Tricky that the Canadian covers album is one of her finest records. REALLY moving.

Unknown said...

don't even get me started on how stupid her marketing team is for not releasing her single in the US--only the UK. she also has a web store, but ONLY FOR THE UK! What?! This is her finest song, will probably be one of her finest albums and I wish she cared more about her marketing (web especially) to hire a new team! But she doesn't...sad!