November 17, 2007

Kylie X: Wow

Tis the season of song titles like Amazing and Wow. The usual trajectory is disappointment. Neither Madonna nor Seal's Amazings are. Happily Kylie Minogue's Wow - surely a forthcoming single? - is worthy of its title. Evrey longstanding artist needs a song like this, one that reminds you of their very best work. It encapsulates all that is "right and good and joyful" about the much-loved Kylie.

If you follow the blog/board commentary, you'll know that Wow blends the best elements of Love At First Sight and old "SAW" Kylie. 3 very tight minutes of pure pop.

The lovely details: The opening keyboard, the 90's chunkiness of the arrangement, the moments that "zap" (hear :07 - :10), the way the song hinges on layers of vocals (yeahyeahyeah), the sweet high-end parts (the way you walk...) and of course, the very high-def effect of the Wowwowwowwow. The middle eight is, thank God, a nice bit of poperatic trilling, just before the song wraps up with that underwater effect straight out of Ibiza, where it was written with Greg Kurstin.

A Kylie classic.

For Kylie X, I will be reviewing certain songs in individual posts, as I did with Madonna and Goldfrapp. You can read them all with the KylieX tag.


Anonymous said...


I love Wow. And Speakerphone. I cannot get enough of it. I have resisted listening to this CD before the official release date. However Speakerphone was metaphorically thrust in my face and as such i had to swallow.

And its quite stunning. As is Wow!

But I get a bit horny when Kylie sings "drop your soccx..." and "rock hard like a centre block".

Anonymous said...

damn - i want to hear the album now!
please help

countpopula said...

Awww, I actually like Seal and Madonna's Amazings.

That being said, I love WOW.

Zeon said...

I'm halfway through it right now. So far no duds! I'm liking it much better than 'Tangled Up', which is a bit of a mess...

The Richard said...

The other note-worthy thing about this song is

"you know you're made in heaven"

... making reference to one of her favourite SAW-era songs, which is clearly a favourite of hers (and mine!) - she featured a gorgeous slowed-down version in the 'White Diamond' movie.

Yuяi said...


Can't wait to read the future reviews. Agree 100% that is should be a single and that it's pure pop delight.

Myfizzypop said...

Wow is Amazing. Which could be read a few ways as that track was my favourite from Music and I feel that Wow is an early contender for fave from X. There are lots of unofficial rumours that it will be the second single - whatever, I shall decide it is anyway! I often ignore official releases, it ends up disappointing me!

Adem With An E said...

Oh it's just lovely isn't it? I'm feeling the love in a BIG way for "Wow," that chorus is heavenly. My single choices from X would be (in order) "The One," "Wow" and either "In My Arms" or "Stars."

xolondon said...

All good choices Adem.

Am also eager to hear whatever version of White Diamond is coming out next week.

DanProject76 said...

I think I've waffled on about how good these tracks are for months now but Wow is indeed my favourite.

John said...

Since "2 Hearts" was such a non-starter here, this really should be the "official" first U.S. single.