November 26, 2007

Kylie X: White Diamond

Kylie sings to XO, "Understand, I will be there for you." XO sheds a tear and whispers, "Yesss! I know!"

The live, "up" version of this Scissters collaboration didn't come close to touching its older sister, the real diamond, I Believe In You. Now this baby's taken off her makeup and brought it down nice and low. The ballad version of White Diamond is about as close to perfection as Kylie gives it.

Someone needs to write a James Bond film just to go with the song. This is the stuff that starry dreams are made of. Kylie can iconically warble this one in a single spotlight, wrapped in white fur, on her 60th birthday tour. You know she'll do it. Jake Shears, giver that he is, handed her that future moment.

Before I slip into something more comfortable, I must remind you this lyric has one of the great misheard lines of the year: "Like a bun in a radio..." - I still don't know what the real words are. Do I really need to?


ultraplus said...

Just like a BURNING radio.... but "bun" is funnier lol.
Thanks for the laugh..

Oh is it wrong to prefer WD to I Believe In You? Believe's superiority is debatable!

xolondon said...

Shane Shane Shane. It IS wrong to think that. Please do a correction on your head!

But now that I know the real lyric, I prefer mine.

I have another misheard lyric coming up in my GA review. Stay tuned for more stupidity.

Adem With An E said...

A friend of mine thought in GA's "Watch Me Go" Nadine sang the line "you were back again, said you were a hen, then we went for more" instead of the "said your name was ben" line...

I do prefer 'IBIY' to 'WD,' but still think 'Giving You Up' trumps both of them... God forbid what I'll do if I ever have to see the clip for it again though.

Myfizzypop said...

here is where it gets complicated - i prefer white diamond to the single version of IBIY but prefer the ballad version of IBIY (as performed on Kylie Show) marginally more than WD> Both are elegant poetry in motion.

I keep hoping i've got lyrics wrong on Shayne Ward's new album but tragically it is what they actually are...