November 26, 2007

Kylie X: No More Rain

The one where Kylie gives birth to the baby of Beautiful Stranger. I mean, everything about this song is a William Orbit pastiche: the 60's beat, the squizzy spaced out bits, the layered vocals, the sweetness to the sound. Music for a lunar hippie commune, this is the kind of pop that the mercenary 00's seem hellbent on killing: pure kissy kissy la la la.

One thing's for sure: Kylie does not do spoken vocals as well as Mrs. Ritchie. In fact, this spoken middle eight is so drippy they mixed it wayyyy low. You can barely hear her! And is that Kylie's secret teenage love child, Hutchence Minogue, doing the impossibly high rai-ai-ain bits? Now there's a rumor to spread on the interwebs...

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