November 27, 2007

Kylie X: Heart Beat Rock / Nu-Di-Ty

Nu-Di-Ty and Heart Beat Rock are great! And by "great" I mean absolute shit. So let's re-group and pretend they didn't happen. Just watch the video above, which really goes with yesterday's breathless (Mahoney!) post.

Thanks for the video tip Richard!


Anonymous said...

Are you mad, man?! Completely agree about Heart-beat-Rock being souless horrendous rubbish - but Nu-Di-Ty?
No way!! It's possibly the best track on the album!
I've endured days of your waxing lyrical, "gossamer-this", and "dreamy-that" about unispired, unmelodic dross like Cosmic & The One, the likes of which, wouldn't have even made the cut on the utterly abomnible Body Language - and then to add insult to injury, you call Nu-Di-Ty 'shit'.
The cheek of it!
Dude, you need your ears checked. Followed swiftly, by your sanity.
I can understand your being shocked by the track, as once you might have been, hearing 'Closer' or 'Too Far'.
Its a definately a departure for Kylie; but is that not *exactly* when she comes up with her most exciting and enduring tracks.
Personally, I found the mixture of a phat, stripped back sticcato base, against a whiley garage influenced melody and heavily vocoded vocal hugely compelling. The way in which she threw jazz-land trumpet flares and a Japanese spoken word ending in to the mix - is one of the only recent example of my beloved 'Innovative Kylie' of old; such as during the Impossible Princess Era.
Who could deny the genius of mixing dreamy Oriental / Eastern Europen melodies over Hootenanny fiddles, a sprinkling of 'Stomp! - The Musical' in the middle eight and - hey presto! She's flawlessly produced the completely brilliant 'Cowboy Style'.
Nu-Di-Ty is destined to be 'X's Cowboy Style. Yu mark my words.
Personally, I am *LOVING* the track, and would suggest that the lovely Mr. XO take a re-listen, at full volume, with the base turned up high.
Nu-Di-Ty has single written all over it, and cries out for a slammin Tony Lamenza Club Mix (a la "Sexy, No! No! No!")

xolondon said...

ha!! Well, for your sake, I hope it is a single! I will play it again just for you, Anon.

John said...

How funny - those are the two me and the BF actually turn red for her when they come on.

Then we immediately lunge for the "skip" button.

Kylie, let Gwen be Gwen and let Fergie be Gwen, too.

D'luv said...

LMAO @ "...and let Fergie be Gwen, too."

I have to say, "Heart Beat Rock" really has grown on me. It's got a charm. I like all the other Kylie references Anonymous mentioned, too ("Cowboy Style," "Too Far," etc.), but I'm just not feeling "Nu-Di-Ty." It sounds subpar in a Britney/ Blackout way. That said, it would have been an exceptional track for Britney.