November 17, 2007

Kylie X: All I See

All I See is one of the new album's good surprises. It's clear that Kylie's tried to be more current on both X and Body Language, with mixed results. Mixed in the sense that when she fails (on X's Nudity, for example), it's embarrassing.

All I See is about as Janet Jackson-y as one can get (hear the line about "going to our favorite spot" at :36). This also recalls Aaliyah at her most delicate. The verses have that ghettoish high speed vocalizing that will sound dated in ten years, but the chorus has layers of treated vocals that take it to the pretty spot.

As for the lyrics, do I believe Kylie picks up lovers in clubs slash discos and carries on about her body, etc? Errr, no. The song is so soft, though, that you absorb the scenario on repeated listens. Suspension of disbelief? Keep an eye out for me in the corner of da club, quietly sipping on a drink, watching you looking hot.


Mike said...

This song picks up where Body Language left off...and I love it. If King or Queen were on the album - it would go VERY nicely right before this track.

DanProject76 said...

I've just lidtened to this for the first time and it does indeed sound like Janet before she went crappy. Which is nice, and it gives the album a bit more variety.

Nudity is indeed frightful though!

Anonymous said...

YES! Thank god for you. I was trying to figure out who she was mimicking on that track, Janet, yes, all Janet. But PopMuse really likes the track, it has that "Boy Is Mine" synth sound I love.

xolondon said...

YES Mister Muse! It's a very "plucky" synth isn't it?