November 20, 2007

Keep your head up!

I probably didn't mention Sweet Dreams when I spoke about the Annie Lennox show in late October. It's not my favorite song and I've heard it 200 too many times, so it was a testament to Annie's rousing brand of tenaciousness that the live performance excited me so much.

Now you can see it too: she just performed it in the UK on Children In Need. Although TV never captures the expansive sound of a live show, this is pretty much as it was, though I think the guitar may have been more prominent when I saw her. She's even got the outfit. I love the new backing vocal lines and the final 30 seconds were ecstatic live.

Thanks to the National Society for the Prevention of Joss Stone

1 comment:

Phil said...

Wow, what a transformation. I've never grown tired of the song and actively seek it out.

She's all over the TV at the mo'. She'll be at the piano for Parkinson on ITV on Saturday, so eep those peepers peeled for the YouTube dodah.