November 11, 2007

Just cuz you're raising the bets

If you are a Girls Aloud fan, you should take some time to read today's well-done new profile in The Observer. I had not heard that Julie Burchill calls them pantyliner punk!

Their appearance on Jonathan Ross last week is mentioned and you can watch it here:
Part 1 /Part 2. I could listen to these girls talk all day. Jonathan keeps ripping on Nadine's accent - she's so Irish that she sounds like she's from the Deep South in the US.

The pic above is from a product launch/performance mentioned in the piece.


countpopula said...

Thanks for the interview. Up till now, the only Girls Aloud CD I owned was the first one, but now I've been converted and must get this as well. It really seems like a step forward.

And Gordon Ramsay is definitely a guilty pleasure.

Phil said...

I loved that interview on Jonathan Ross. He's such a cheeky fuck but seems to get away with it. If he really likes the guest, he'll do an eloquent spiel at the end as to why, and on the strength of this, he adores them.