November 14, 2007

Hurry up, I just can't wait

Could this week in music be any more tedious? A crap album from Alicia Keys, an album from Seal with weak songs all dressed up. A decent album from Duran Duran, but not electrifying by any means. No Kylie or GA leaks. No new videos to get excited about. It's all gone wintry grey.

Did any of you have the iced gingerbread cookie - the mitten - at Starbucks? Well I did because I gravitate toward anything iced ("He liked icing." will be my epitaph). My verdict? It is very weird. The icing is more like plastic fondant with an unidentified flavor. Somethng kind of eww.

But there is Darren Hayes gossiping that he saw Mark "Spike" Stent mixing Madonna's new album in London. Better be good, Lady! All of that leads me to an old video that makes me smile. How "ye olde quaint" is the opening bit where she puts the peace necklaces on her (2!) dancers?

Madonna Over And Over (Virgin Tour 1985):

Madonna Over And Over (live MP3)


Myfizzypop said...

did anyone have the gingerbread things from starbucks? Of course i did and i totally concur with your opinion. back to pain au chocolat for moi. Oh! And whats with PJ jizzing over the "only ok in anyones book" Seal album? Sheesh

Adem With An E said...

*hides* I really like the Seal album! Only thing on it I hated was the duet with that mole wife of his.

Cute video - thanks for that, I might try and squeeze in a watching of my Virgin Tour VHS in between CANING THE HECK OUT OF TANGLED UP.

It's as brilliant as I thought it'd be.

trussy74 said...

Well I really like the Seal album too. Amazing is one of my favourite tracks this year.