November 5, 2007

Heather Mills did this to me

Oooaiyyyeeee! Heather Mills needs to tell America that she made me sick. It is entirely her fault and she needs to protect me by telling the people the truth. I've had some messed up flu that's given me an endless fever since Thursday. Does that make me all kinds of hot?! Couple it with a seriously ragged throat and I assumed it was strep. "Wrong, you stupid whore!" said the doctor. I'm not better yet, but the nasty fever has gone down.

Being stuck in my [now tedious] apartment at a lovely time of year is not pleasing to me. I've not even had a chance to see if Paul's red Starbucks cups have come to North America yet. That said, there have been a few things musical and non to ponder...

First, Roisin Murphy is back on tour! She only had one week off after smashing her lovely eye socket. And I whine about a 102 degree fever.

Lorraine is back. Color me excited when there is a record release date.

While feverish I became obsessed with Kim Woodburn, the blond cleaning matron who calls everyone "my love" on How Clean Is Your House? She kills me. I love it when she does something like wow some grotty old biker by scrubbing away his grout with mayonnaise - she always says something like "I'm not just a pretty face, my love." She's very imposing with that Madonna Blonde Ambition hairdo and bullet bra, but she's also softspoken - something I admire because I am so not softspoken. If you don't know who she is, watch the youtube clip that made me cry!

Someone sent me this streaming link for Early Bird, the duet between Erasure and Cyndi Lauper. Honestly? It sounds like a bunch of old people warbling on top of a Casio (though I quite like the synth strings at 1:47!).

Sophie Ellis Bextor's double CD Hits record (with two new songs, one being the Roisin/Calvin castoff) is now due in March. In her new website interview, she disses George Michael for not bothering to meet her at all when she supported him on his tour. Don't feel bad, La Bex, George was probably in a pot haze, getting a gum job from a lorry driver who'd been loitering behind the arena.

Am loving Mrs. Pritchard on Masterpiece Theatre. So much so that I am rewatching the House Of Cards trilogy. Soon HBO will have a movie called The Deal, done by the makers of The Queen, about the early friendship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Guess who is playing Tony? Michael Sheen - again! He did it in The Queen and now he'll be playing a much younger Blair.

Tracey Thorn has been in Berlin writing new songs with her collaborator Ewan Pearson! This is very good news. She said on her blog, "I am currently up to my ears in a more acoustic mood than I have been in for, oh probably around 25 years."

Not loving that Spice Girls music. That's the best they could come up with? Have the music songwriters gone on strike too? (ooh, wouldn't that be a drama?)

Big post on Dannniiii Minogue, of all people, coming soonish.

Finally, about that creature on the top of this post. This is the time of year when Paulie Z starts figuring out his Christmas lists and I just know that he will love the Madame Alexander Wizard Of Oz Munchkin Solider Doll, a bargain at only $78. Or is the Lollipop Kid better?


countpopula said...

So sorry to hear you are under the weather! I've had a raging sore throat for almost a week as well--that Mills girl sure gets around. She needs to speak up .

Entertaining post, as usual. Happy to hear about Roisin, Tracey Thorn, and Lorraine. Not so about George Michael (he will never learn). Hate to say the Spicers song totally bores me, and what about that video? Has Ms. Halliwell gotten even more ripped or what? Look out Madonna. As for Posh...that dominatrix look is so five minutes ago...seriously, does she need the money that badly? Look out Victoria's Secret, indeed.

As much as I have liked Erasure & Cyndi Lauper in the past, Early Bird was a complete waste of their talents. Have they both fallen on such hard times that there is no money left to finish productions? Even good production can't hide weak songs though.

Get better soon XO...of course, if you stay sick, maybe you'll have more blogtime? I can't wait for that Dannniiii post :-)

Myfizzypop said...

oh its all about the munchkin soldier doll. i want i want i want! hahahahaha

Yeah, i'll be excited when Lorraine have a firm release date set...

xolondon said...

Count- During the worst of my fever, I could not even sit at the computer, I was either so tired or so sore. What a bummer. So now I am happy to sit here, slumped like a loser, clacking away.

Paul- Britters and I are shopping for chandeliers to send your way too. We bought a large one and she's is packing it herself...

Adem With An E said...

I am really looking forward to your Dannii post... am with a half-finished blog post on her myself which I'll try and finish by weeks end, am liking some of the new stuff on these releases, particularly the remixes. Reaaaally digging "Hurt In Love" from Unleashed too.

Am really happy to hear Soph's doing "Off & On," because I absolutely adore Roisin's version of it. I'm just picturing SEB's posh vocals recreating the track in my head... the thought is almost enough to teleport me straight to heaven.

Glad to hear you're a bit better now than you were...