November 9, 2007

Goldfrapp: Clowns and wigwams?

And owls! Here is Goldfrapp's official Seventh Tree tracklist:

1. Clowns 2. Little Birds 3. Happiness 4. Road To Somewhere 5. Eat Yourself 6. Some People 7. A&E 8. Cologne Cerrone Houdini 9. Caravan Girl 10. Monster Love

The single is A&E (as in Accident and Emergency) and it's out on February 12. If you're wondering what I thought of their last album, check out this Supernature thread.

Sources here and here.


countpopula said...

This is complete fabulousness again. Bjork is somewhere in a corner eating easter eggs right now.

Michael AKA Cayman said...

OT, but someone seems to have hacked your MySpace account.

designscene said...

hm cant wait to see the whole artwork.... but seems to me Alison had some work done...her surgent must have got a fat check