November 22, 2007

Ny album fra Bertine Zetlitz!

Bertine Zetlitz's In My Mind, 1997-2007 Best Of is streaming. Ashamed and Bubble Bursts are the 2 new songs. There will be a second CD with rarities, probably impossible for most of us to buy. I hope she puts it on 7 Digital in MP3 - it's out on "3 Desember."

Bonus CD tracklist: Fate (Hell Sessions), Islands In The Stream (feat. Thom Hell), Girl Like You (DataROCK mix by Yngve Sætre), Snow On A Hot Day (Erot. Remix), Getting Out (Bjørn Torske Remix), Fake Your Beauty (Pleasure Remix), Apples And Diamonds (Tee Prod. Remix), Ah Ah (Deeper Love Remix), Get What You Deserve (Bjorn Kaarud & John Moss Big Room Mix), Fake Your Beauty (Gaute Drevdal Remix), Girl Like You (Bertine vs Fred), Fake Your Beauty feat. Ken Ring (Sidelake Remix), Girl Like You (Lucky Music Remix)
The cover, which is good:

Bertine Zetlitz Ashamed WMA stream

Today is a big holiday in America - Thanksgiving. So have a good one if you are an American stuffing your face...

pic courtesy of NRK / Lise Åserud/Scanpix


Myfizzypop said...

have an amazing thanksgiving. Give thanks for knowing me :P Thanks peach :) Ps thanks for getting me into Bertine (though no literally obv, as a flaming mo)

D'luv said...

I don't think Bertine should have copied Posh's hair style, so I'm not buying her music. I mean, there's only one Posh.