December 9, 2007

The Annual One Hit Wonders Mix, v. 2007

I did this last year and 2007 proved equally fruitful. This is a list of artists who created one song I liked. That does not mean these artists are really "one hit wonders" who don't have futures or that the CDs were not good... I just latched onto one track. Note that none of these made my "essential" mix, but many came reallllllly close.

The red link should take you to a video. Onward...

Damian Leith Night of My Life
Aussie Idol winner's gorgeous first single. Album totally bland.
Boy George Time Machine
Amanda Ghost coaxes a solid vocal out of troubled George on a class pop tune
Pleasure Out Of Love
Bertine Zetlitz's producer Fred Ball creates the sweetest pop song
Fergie Glamorous
Against my good judgment. As Neil Sedaka would say, ear delicious.
Katharine McPhee Everywhere I Go
Kat summons the ghosts of Toni Braxton and Babyface. Thanx D'luv.
WinterKids Who Am I Kidding?
Almost good Britpop group, with lil sis singing the best song.
Klaxons Golden Skans

One of my first faves of the year, I was obsessed and now it bores me!
Bloc Party I Still Remember
Perfect lyric for a should've-been-#1
Travis Closer
Not a show-er, but a grower.
Pink Martini Hey Eugene
Album nothing like the single. That's why they stayed indie.
Huski Easy Life

Lovely electropop midtempo from some British people, natch.
Groove Armada Paris
Beautiful collab with Candi Staton. Love the synth string intro. Thanks Phil.
Vivek Shraya Chemistry FREE MP3!
He's a greedy motherfucker. Catchy and original.
Voxtrot Steven
The Beatles meets Ben Folds. That is not how I spell my name though! Fine lyric.
Bebel Gilberto Momento
Bebel's lush collab with Guy Sigsworth, so it sounds like Frou Frou gone to Rio.
Chester French She Loves Everybody

The next big thing? What happened to these college kids?
Vanessa Carlton Nolita Fairytale

Could not deal with the CD, but this is a nice song. Sorry LM!
Jessica Folcker Desperately

Some Eurochick girl the PJ'ers got too excited for, wanting her to be the Next Goddess.
Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist
I am a longtime hater on Billy Corgan, but I like this subtle down tempo.
Ari Gold Transport Me
Empowerment tune. This is pretty, bar the overwrought spoken bits.
Kanye West The Good Life
Fantastic, pumped up pop/rap tune. I have nothing bad to say about Kanye, he had a rough year.
Turin Brakes For The Fire
From a truly lackluster album. I expect this band to return big in a year or 2.
De Souza and Shena Guilty
One of the great club trax this year, wrapped in a Streisand-sampling ribbon.
Anouk Good God
There may be some other good songs, but this one leaps out. Feirce. Horrid video. Thanks Arjan.
Jennifer Lopez Stay Together

Sorta dollar-store sounding, but a fun, phat poptrack from the smug Mrs. Ghoul Antony.

4 comments: said...

Oooo! Some great suggestions to check out! I also like that you didn't pick the obvious "singles" from some of their albums.

xolondon said...

That will be consistent on my lists - I do it by song, not single, because we all know some of the best songs never make it to being a single. It's also more fun to do whatever I want!

Dan said...

That Streisand sampling song is verrrry close to making my top songs of the year. I'm not sure though - is it really a song, or just an exceptionally clever use of a sample? Perhaps I'm plugging in more to the sample than anything else.

Adem With An E said...

Damian's album WAS completely bland, wasn't it? Interesting that the only song of his I've found interesting was one he hadn't penned.

First time ever that a song performed by/given to the winning Idol was actually any good. Have you heard this years winners single, Natalie Gauci's "Here I Am?" An absolutely hysterical joke.