September 11, 2007

Who is Torchwood?

This just premiered here on BBC America (Sat. 9 pm) and I love it! Torchwood is a Dr. Who a spinoff set in Cardiff. John Barrowman is sort of like Tom Cruise, if Tommy fessed up and had some fun.

Barrowman was on Charlotte Church in the Spring. He's pretty fokking lewd and she's right there with him. Remember that a few years ago there was a period where Char appeared headed down the same path Miss Spears has taken.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: (the best bit!)

Wonder what Dans UK and US will have to say about my love of wood? Torchwood.


joshua388 said...

John Barrowman really is a triple threat, he can dance, sing, and act! He's the best, his personality really comes off as loveable in his interviews. Thanks for posting these though, I haven't seen them before.

Dan said...

Regrettably, I have not watched Torchwood, although the missus has. I think it's high time that I watch it.

I have always thought that John Barrowman came off as a very cool guy - much like David Tennant. Both of these guys are men I'd like to have lunch with.

DanProject76 said...

John Barrowman! He's very very annoying but I just can't hate the man. I spent an evening behind his arse last year... at the BBC recording of The Weakest Link Doctor Who Special. He was rathr hyper all evening but kept his clothes on for once. He's a filthy dirty man who flashes his bits at every opportunity (allegedly) when filming Torchwood but if that's a team morale thing then not a problem. Torchwood series 1 is a bit wobbly in places but it's fun. I have high hopes for series 2 which is filming at the moment and starts here (UK) in January.

I visited Torchwood itself (well, the exteriors anyway) last month. It's on my blog. I didn't meet any strange gaylien invaders though. Bah.

Paul said...

hmmm i've had the torchwood dvds around since my birthday and never got round to watching them. Maybe i will check it out at some point so we can swap fave lines stories, etc, then braid each other's hair

Heidi Cullinan said...

I LUUURRV Torchwood! Sometimes it goes weird, and the middle of the seires is kind of, "whaaa?" but then the end KICKS ASS. Can't wait to catch the next set in March!

babs said...

Okay, have only watched maybe two eps of the new Dr. Who, but did like mr. barrowman. And Touchwood sounds intriguing. And yay, somewhere different to be.

xolondon said...

It has a same sex kiss in every single episode, heh heh!