September 19, 2007

US Pipettes Contest. With Prizes!

Yes, I am having a wee contest with some juicy prices. Swag! Answer these questions correctly and, if I get more than one correct entry, I will put your name in a hat (or something!) and pull one. There is a catch: You must have an American mailing address* (sorry to all my Peeps Internationale).

The Questions:

  1. Gwenno and Torchwood share a hometown in common? What is it?
  2. The Pipettes backing band has a name. What is it?

The answers to these questions have appeared on this blog before, or if you have any Google skills, you can figure these out. You don't have to be a fan, but you have to know how to search! I am, after all, a librarian. And librarians give you power.

Prizes: It's total madness. The Pipettes CD (US version) and EP, plus a deluxious (maybe?) hoodie from indie mag Ragged. You must participate!

Email me the answers.
I'll close the contest on Monday morning, so if you have a US address, have a go!

*Of course, then you'll have to give me your address, but being stalked by me IS one of the prizes.


Heidi Cullinan said...

Whee!!! Okay, do I post here or mail you? Because I know both!

Heidi Cullinan said...

Oh, and you are so right about librarians. I would NEVER mess with a librarian, and I would mess with a lot of people.

Chris Krakora said...

I'd like to enter as well--where do I submit the answers?

xolondon said...


I just updated the post too. I KNEW I forgot something...

Paul said...

You must have an American mailing address*

*Boo you whore :P

D'luv said...

1. Screechville
2. .... & the Whorezz