September 6, 2007

True tales from life and music

Last night I was at a show, at da club, and encountered an acquaintance who has worked there for years - more a "friend of a friend," but someone I've seen around for ages. She recently ended a very bad relationship that had dragged on for years and was zapping her life in multiple ways. She told me that she'd briefly quit the club, gathered up her strength/energy and booted the Bad Man to the curb. Without going into all her shit, it was not easy on any level, but she is very happy now and feels really free and renewed.

Don't you love these stories? I was very impressed / happy for her. I was thinking later about this and remembered a song from the 90's that captures what she was telling me last night on the street. It's a Britpop corker...

McAlmont and Butler Yes

Could these two have been any cooler? David McAlmont has one of the best voices of anyone, anywhere. I adore him. And note how Bernard Butler's leg is flying up behind him at the start...

Yes I do feel better
Yes, I do, I feel alright
I feel well enough
To tell you what you can do
With what you have to offer

I sent my acquaintance this video today. She will not likely see this post, but it's for her and anyone else who has had to take that hard step to change their life.

Yes is available on CD in the US and via iTunes UK, among others.


DanProject76 said...

I wish I knew what became of the last recording session M&B did. Apart from the download-pnly single Falling, nothing happened. Bah!

countpopula said...

I love this song. Falling was also amazing. Unfortunately their albums can be a bit spotty (especially the first--the second was much more listenable throughout). McAlmont is such an amazing vocalist, I wish he could cement his status as an icon...he just needs more consistency. M&B's cover of Take That's "Back for Good" was also ace, as were his collabs with Craig Armstrong ("Snow"), and David Arnold ("Diamonds are Forever".)

D'luv said...

I heard "Different Strokes" in January on Steve Jones' (of Sex Pistols) radio show here in L.A., "Jonesy's Jukebox" -- it was the first I'd ever heard of this duo, despite me having loved Suede for years.

I need to get ahold of that second album!

D'luv said...

P.S. Before he announced who it was after the song ended, I kept thinking, How is there this fab Motown song out there that I'd never heard before?!?

The Richard said...

I absolutely *love* this song to the point of obsession - and played the single endlessly when it came out.

The second M&B album is a total diamond, save for one lame track ('Blue') and was my album of the year a couple back. D'Luv - waste no time and search it out.

xolondon said...

I adore Bring It Back from that CD, but I did not have the same love for it as ya'll. My McAlmont mix from a few years back:

1 Yes
2 You Do
3 Unworthy
4 The Conversation
5 Diamonds Are Forever
6 Alfie (Live)
7 Honey
8 It’s Enough
9 Who Loves You?
10 Lose My Faith
11 Snow
12 Different Strokes
13 Bring It Back
14 Theme To Mcalmont And Butler
15 If You Want
16 Different Strokes
17 Make It Right

Snow is AMAZING.