September 7, 2007

You know what to expect

Team Róisín is doing a bang-up job building anticipation for her upcoming album. Today a new song snippet leaked in this short promo of Róisín shooting her album cover in the Parma Cafe. The cafe is very old school - maybe my British friends can shed some light on it? It looks like what Americans would call a greasy spoon. It's apparently near Lambeth, which is sort of across the river from Pimlico... where I once rented a TINY flat on Aylesford St. (for a visit, not to live, sadly). Sorry, I digress - the blog is called I Love London* trolls!

The song you hear above is called You Know Me Better and it's track 2 from her CD. Recently Calvin Harris said that one of the songs he'd written for Róisín with Cathy Dennis has been redone by Jimmy Douglass. Don't you think it might be this one? It sounds great. She looks sort of like Nicole Kidman when she isn't dressed in the Bjorky dress.

If you missed it in July, below is a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the cheeky Overpowered video. In it,you can her her say her name, which is pronounced Rosheen, though it sounds a little stranger when she says it.

videos from Róisín's youtube site.

* well, not quite, but you get my point

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Phil said...

Ha! I used to pass Parma Cafe on the bus from Streatham/Brixton on my way into town...