September 21, 2007

Róisín: Moloko 101

Some kind fanperson posted this "best of" video mix of Moloko's live concert DVD, 11,000 Clicks, so you can get a sense of their sound. This is the music that led Róisín Murphy up to where she is now, with her upcoming brilliant Overpowered album.

Anyway, the video above includes bits of these songs, with the purple ones being my favorites and ones you might like. They appear in this order: Familiar Feeling, I Want You, Absent Minded Friend (major song!), Come On, Fun For Me, Where Is The What If The What Is In Why, Cannot Contain This, Pure Pleasure Seeker, Time Is Now, Statues, 100%, Forever More, Sing It Back, Being Is Bewildering, and Indigo. You can buy MP3's of some of these live songs on iTunes as part of their Best Of package, Catalogue.

Watch what Róisín does when she's given a dozen roses at around minute 6! She also stage dives at the end...

I also can recommend one wonderful song from the esoteric Ruby Blue, Róisín's first solo record. It's the album finale, The Closing Of The Doors, and it's like a melding of Carole King and Laura Nyro. Very unexpected 70's balladry. It's on most versions of iTunes.

Finally, here is the complete live video for Familiar Feeling.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the live version of Statues is heartbreaking.

I can't remember whether she did that during the performance filmed for the DVD, but when I saw her, she climbed the speakers and banged her head against them time after time again.