September 2, 2007

RetroXO: Moloko's Familiar Feeling

A post in anticipation of what will surely be one of the top albums of the year...

Róisín Murphy was sprung from the slightly avant electropop group Moloko. This track, Familiar Feeling, is from the 2003 album Statues, which various peeps have told me is not the freaky deaky disc I thought it was. They are basically right. A bit Abba-esque, Feeling opens the album. It's what might happen if you took an Irish electropop lover and plopped her down in Rio. It has a really organic, world music-y feel and there is something kind of vulnerable about how she sings - I don't get the sense the producers "treated" her voice much on this one.

This video above is quite fantastique... it has great energy. I love how Róisín looks like a secretary finally letting her hair down. Look for the moment where she appears to fall on her ass!


countpopula said...

So glad you enjoyed this XO! Fantastic song and video (I love the overlapping live voices, especially when she's in the toilet).

It does make one wonder, while she has such a beautiful voice, why Moloko insisted on so much vocal studio trickery early on. I get the feeling that they felt that was their schtick and it's what separated them from everyone else. At the same time, a lot of it made them a bit weird and distant. Ruby Blue was odd at times, but much warmer vocally, and now it appears that she is trying to connect with a larger audience as a solo artist--most likely a good thing. She has the talent fo sho, and it's time to let people know. And the visual campaign for the new project has been flawless as well.

joshua388 said...

Thank goodness someone besides me is also obsessed with this song.

It's not your typical electro/pop song that most people would enjoy (if you're an electronica fan like me), but it's still an absolute gem. The flamenco guitars and amazing vocals get me every time. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's my favorite Moloko video that she's done so far, although 'Forever More' is also very good, this one has northern soul dancing!