September 3, 2007

Go to the top of your highest mountain!

Jean-Paul Goude has done a wicked photo shoot with Bjork. Another photo and deets at Zarko's deluxious blog, Design Scene. Goude is most famous for his work with Grace Jones in the 70's and 80's. Bjork is a perfect choice for him.


Yuяi said...

So Bjork is working on the soundtrack for "Tron-2.0" now??

D'luv said...

I might be seeing her next weekend!

joshua388 said...

I didn't even see Bjork, just her name. It took me a second to see her face (how awful of me). Although this photoshoot looks like it was pretty fucking amazing.

I can't wait to see her again next weekend at ACL!

designscene said...
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designscene said...

awww hehe thanks 4 callin my blog deluxious ^_^

I thought there is no editorial inside, but i just found the rest of the photoshoot , i guess ill post it tomorrow

aw deluxious =)