September 17, 2007

Money don't matter 2nite

Errr, yes, I am very angry with Prince! He has been sent to his purple room to have a think. But this Bruce Wagner piece from the New Yorker is more a commentary on American luxe culture than it is on the wee litiguous man. Do read it, petals... I peed a little, it's so funny.

A friend called to tell me that Prince was giving one of his chicly innovative, exclusive concerts on Friday night, at a venue yet to be disclosed. The cost: three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars per ticket. Having recently come into an inheritance that dwarfed that amount, I mulled it over for about two seconds before deciding to splurge on this prestigious event, the likes of which hundreds of V.I.P.s have experienced in the past six months. I wanted to be one of them. the rest at the New Yorker

and while we're at it, check out Richard Godwin's funny review of Prince at the O2.

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Jason said...

In his continuing douchebaggery, Prince is now suing everyone:

Pretty soon he'll sue everyone who ever bought one of his records.

Personally, I'd like to sue him for everything he's done since 1992.