September 24, 2007

Drum roll please

Oh my stars! The winner of The Pipettes contest is...

Adam S.
of Boston!

Congratulations and thanks to all who entered my wee contest! Thanks also to Torr at Filter for setting this up. Adam reports that he is a true Pipettes fan, so it's nice that he won.

The answers are: 1) Gwenno is from Cardiff, where Torchwood is set and 2) the girls' backing band is known as The Cassettes.


Anonymous said...

YAY! That completely made my whole day! This has to be... the greatest website ever! Thank you so much!

xolondon said...

Yes, excellent news! You can tell us whether the remix of the CD is noticeable.

Re, this website: [blishes, says softly] It's true.