September 6, 2007

Kiss her for me

Dan Cairns of The Times (London) just did a
great piece on Siouxsie Sioux who turned 50 in May.

Here is a snippet about her solo album Mantaray, out on Monday:

On her wonderful new album, Siouxsie does just that: raging against adversity one minute, calming herself down the next, drifting off into fantasy on Sea of Tranquility (a song she describes as a “sci-fi murder mystery”), bathing in Bernard Hermann-like strings on Loveless. Here Comes That Day is so brassy, it sounds as if it’s auditioning for the next Bond film, while fans of the early, Metal Postcard-era Banshees will welcome the motorik austerity of About to Happen and They Follow You.

In the process of preparing this post, I noticed that my friend V has just done a Siouxsie post (with a great title!). I think he is a Siouxsie expert, so I hope he'll do more on her. V also has a link to a site you'll want...

Below is the first single I ever bought by Siouxsie, a great cover of the Beatles' Dear Prudence, the video of which has a certain Like A Virgin quality, no?


V said...

More a sentence than a full fledged post. :)

Love the Mantaray site. Kinda reminds me of Goldfrapp's Supernature site.

countpopula said...

Thinking this album may be my most anticipated at the moment. Those new tracks sound so confident and yet somehow more tangible than her recent creatures work. A singular talent at work here.