September 27, 2007

Annie Lennox Contest

Since my contest was so successful last, I thought, Whyyyyy whhyyyyy yyyyy not do another?

The Prizes: 1) A signed photo of Annie (signed by me! Heh heh, no. Signed by her) 2) A copy of her new album Songs Of Mass Destruction. Note: You must have a US mailing address. Sorry int'l peeps... this is not my rule.

The Question: Tricky for some, easy for others: A famous current video director started his/her career working with Annie in Eurythmics. This person was responsible for most of the videos from the Savage album (see below) and later Annie's epic Little Bird video, and my favorite Annie video/song, Money Can't Buy It (see below). Since that time, the director has gone on to have a lengthy association with muse Gwen Stefani and in 2007 directed a few videos for Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Send me an
email with the answer and I'll draw a winner on Sunday evening. The answer to this question can be found on this blog and in the Wikipedia.

Before I close, stream a sample of the new b-side, perhaps better than the album version:

Annie Lennox Dark Road (acoustic version) sample

Eurythmics I Love To Listen To Beethoven:

Annie Lennox Money Can't Buy It:

Warning: You may want to place a bathroom towel on your head after watching this.


D'luv said...

Chris Crocker?

Paul said...

booooooo to no international mailing addresses. it's not our fault we are not american :P

can i take the towel off now, it's ruining my hair!