September 30, 2007

2007 "Q3"

Kanye West's absurd home office

In alphabetical order, the Top 20 songs of the third quarter of 2007. Summer! Rules: Do not have to be singles, but one song by each artist only* and the songs must be officially released (or released to me as a promo). The colored link will take you to a place you can hear/see the song...

Antigone Life Without You
Aqualung Garden Of Love
Tom Baxter Better
Cherry Ghost False Alarm
Justin Currie
No Surrender
Dragonette Take It Like A Man
Girls Aloud
Sexy! No, No, No…
Ari Gold
Transport Me
Richard Hawley
The Sun Refused To Shine
Darren Hayes Casey
Darren Hayes Conversation With God *sorry, 2 by Darren!
Amy MacDonald
Footballer’s Wife
Roisin Murphy Let Me Know
Kate Nash Foundations
Passenger Wicked Man’s Rest
The Revelations I’m A Lover

Rihanna Don't Stop The Music
Rilo Kiley Dreamworld
Suzanne Vega Pornographer’s Dream

Kanye West The Good Life

Special Award for Worst Leaked Music: Madonna's The Beat Goes On and Candy Shop. I deleted them from my iPod. This is major because I am a nutty Madonna fan. I doubt they will end up on the CD, but if they do, I'm takin' a break from Mrs. Ritchie.

Worthy albums, July to September: Tom Baxter (digital), Sara Bareilles, Darren Hayes, Richard Hawley, Amy MacDonald, Kate Nash and Suzanne Vega.

What's coming in Q4: Justin Currie (ex Del Amitri), Dragonette, Gabrielle, David Gahan, Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Kylie Minogue, Sugababes, Roisin Murphy, Girls Aloud, Mary J. Blige, Joni Mitchell, Seal and Duran Duran.

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Paul said...

i agree with 8 of your picks, which is rather good when you take the time to think about it. What it is I don't know, but please please please can people be more excited about Tom Baxter and much much less excited about Darren Hayes :P

Will you judge me terribly if i tell you that i have against all odds become very very attached to The Beat Goes On. I don't even know how that happened...

xolondon said...

Yes re Tom and no re Darren!

As for that THING Madonna shat out with Pharrell in Miami, I am going to try you in my kangaroo court for the crime of (shudders) liking it.

Paul said...

ah well one out of three ain't so bad. If it makes it any better, I absolutely deleted that Candy crap before the song had finished and disinfected my hard drive :P

Adem With An E said...

I actually prefer Candy Shop. The lyrics are bad, but at least the chorus is actually existent in it.

As for that pic of Kanye's workspace, that pink & black print behind it... that's not Madge is it?

midnight lounge said...

I got my hands on a copy of Gabrielle's latest; it's all very familiar territory, down to the typeface used on the cover. We get, it's your brand. The Paul Weller-sampled "Why" is still a standout.

Thanks for the Justin Currie heads-up! I had no idea...

Hands down, "Let Me Know" is gearing to be the song of the year for me. Right up next to anything off of Tracey's '07 release. Sigh.