August 28, 2007


Lily Allen and Common Drivin' Me Wild:

This is the video she was recently shooting. Could she be any cuter? I adore her, you hear me D'luvly?! "She on the treadmill like OK Go"

Turin Brakes Stalker:

A small film, very well done. Not in love with the song itself, but I admire the effort done on the promo.

Amy Winehouse Tears Dry On Their Own:

There is something very Streisand about how they film her in profile. She looks great and I love how absurd her hair is. [XO sighs] I wish her well. I think her husband may be a Bobby Brown type. She clearly worships him, but maybe in an unhealthy way. I mean, Sid loved Nancy and Nancy loved Sid; that didn't mean it was good. She should be her own best friend, not fuck herself in the head with stupid men.

Marc Almond Stardom Road promo:

This is funny, like a tacky TV commercial for a standards album by Rod Stewart. Except that it's Marc Almond and he's not tacky. Note that Marc does not have a wonky tooth, though it looks like it in one shot. Also, his mouth reminds me a bit of Cher when he sings. Does anyone see what I mean? All he has to do is lick his lips and it's Mrs. Bono-Allman!


DanProject76 said...

Love Turin Brakes. One of the bands I always buy the CDs of, and I think that song will grow on you. Excellent creepy video, the blonde has been in loads of British tv stuff and usually takes roles where she has a rather bad time.

Phil said...

Aw bless, Marc. The voice-over is the same bloke who DOES do the Rod Stweart-type ads! And you can picture them in the 'lifestyle studio' (ie a big house in Bethnal Green dressed with antiques making a bomb renting it out for a day): shall we do the next set-up by the stair? Mmm, yeah, lovely!"

xolondon said...

Turin Brakes should do a series of melodrama videos. Maybe one with Robson Green!

Phil, you are fokking cruel.