August 14, 2007

XO's Playlist: I'm in for a ride

Roisin Murphy Let Me Know
Holy crap! Like Lisa Stansfield meets Diana Ross circa Upside Down. The catchiest thing Roisin has ever done, this sounds like a fantastic night at Studio 54. And a potential comer to my "top" lists for 2007. All that's missing is the coke spoon and the cum on the ultrasuede...
Hear a preview at RM's myspace and watch above

Duran Duran Nite Runner
Color me taken aback (color me peach and black)! This blogger reserves the right to change his mind. When I first heard this track, all I could focus on was the smug Timbaland beat. Since then, my ear has registered the simplicity of the whole affair, not to mention the cowbell! Like Notorious v.07. Nite runner, I think I'm fallin' for ya.
Hear it now at EW Online

Sugababes About You Now
How exciting! Avril, Kelly C. and Pink have teamed up for a new song by Max Martin protogee Dr. Luke! Really, dawgs! This shizz is burning hawt like a Nascar on fire - what? This is Sugababes? It's not bad at all - quite catchy with enough electrosheen to keep it from going too Fall Out Boy - but hey, this is 2007, not 2005. Probably a big hit, though it lacks the hilarious lyrics of Push The Button or Easy.
Hear it now at the Babes myspace

Ari Gold Where The Music Takes You
Poor gymboy Ari, everybody must confuse him with a TV character. If Roisin is doing the 70's, Ari is paying homage to the early 90's - Mariah Carey specifically. Although he has highly questionable sartorial taste, Ari has spunked out his finest single and the first one that's caught my ear.
Hear it now at Ari's myspace.

Girls Aloud Sexy! No No No
One part Standard Issue Aloud, one part chanty brilliance. My Hell-Lay Tastemaker tells me this will hit the spot in her convertible Camaro. Xenomania achieves a sublime state: minimal input = maximum output.
Hear it by watching the video


Guilty secret: I love the ungrammatical new Jennifer Lopez song, Do It Well. Gack! Haven't felt this shamed since I like Fergie's Glamourous. It sould have been given to Jennifer Hudson though.


Paul said...

I liked it when it was called playlost - it never occurred to me that it was a typo. I genuinely thought it was some post modern ironic commentary... hahahahaha. Anyway i really like the Ari and Roisin tracks. Tres bon as one might say. Duransquared - ugh. Girls - getting better every day. Babes - pop bliss, but yeah i didn't notice til you pointed it out the witty lyrics are missing :(

Vest said...

I really cannot wait for the full video to be released. If it is as good as Overpowered we are in for a treat

homoeclectic said...

Is it just me or can you hear the bass from Lucy Pearl's Don't Mess With My Man in the background of the Ari Gold track?

Fur coat aside, he's pretty - I wouldn't kick him outta bed (tho I've never really grabbed his insipid nu-soul vibe).