August 11, 2007

Summer Saturday: Wishing I was in England

After Worrapalova posted a pretty Lotus Eaters track last week, I was listening to the playlist on Julia's Club Eighties and discovered a song I'd never heard before, but it seemed tres me. It's called Lady and it's by super-obscure 80's duo Jimmy Jimmy. I trolled around and managed to find their long-out-of-print album online (ask if you want to know where).

They only released this one album, Here in the Light, in 1986, in the U.K. That All Music link says it's a "dentist's worst nightmare" (as in sweet), but they seem to like it anyway. The music is very languid and folky. They had two singles, I Met Her In Paris and Silence, but it's Lady that stands out in hindsight. Below is the only picture I could find of the album cover... it's got that 80's look doesn't it? Very Johnny Hates Jazz or something.

Jimmy Jimmy Lady expired

Play it! It'll take you right back in time, even if you've never heard of them. If you like hearing obscure 80's Brit pop songs, let me know and I'll post more of them. Most are wayyyy out-of-print.

Amazingly, Jimmy Jimmy has a myspace page, though I suspect a fan built it. God bless the Internets. I'll close by saying they actually had a song called The Kettle's Boiling, which was made for this blogger, was it not? Yummm. I am getting some tea right now. Maybe it will be revealed that Camera Obscura are actually their children.


V said...

re the album cover. The one on the left looks like a young Howard Jones.

Great discovery!

Phil said...

Touches of Swing Out Sister and a lot of white boy soul which was very en vogue at the time. Thanks for the nod to Julia's Club Eighties. I'm hightailing it over there now to see what else she has.