August 19, 2007

"A right lady of the manor"

Wondering what's up with Imogen Heap? She has taken over the home she grew up in - The Oval House - and is renovating it and installing her studio for the recording of her new record. One little tidbit in her blog is that she was recently saddened to find someone she was sweet on did not return her affection in that way. Why would you not want to be Immi's boyfriend? If a talented and unique upcoming star like Imogen is not a catch, who is?

These new video blogs are very endearing - they appear to be as much for her own firends and family as any sort of promotional device. Notice that Imogen has removed the various bird's nests, eggs and sparkly things from her hair...

Video blog #1:

She has a fake snake around her neck that she explains

Video blog #2:

Hear about Immi painting her toilet. Woohoo! :) Could she be any cuter?

From Imogen's youtube site.

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Vest said...

I love this woman. One of the best gigs I have ever seen was the second round of her Speak For Yourself tour in the UK. Cannot wait for new tunes.