August 21, 2007

Quote of the week

Sometimes the most inappropriate comments are the funniest...

Will she have a new way of covering up her bad eye? So far we've had eye patch, hair and glasses - surely it's time for something new?

That's from jimbob1311 on the Popjustice forums, talking about popstar Gabrielle.

On a less cruel note, Gabrielle has a new CD called Always coming out in the fall. You can hear a bit of her new single Why - she sounds like Macy Gray on it! Note that song is built around Paul Weller's track Wildwood, which is a personal favorite of mine. That track is like a prayer to me, maudlin as that sounds. Weller plays and sings on the new Gabrielle version.

Popjustice also did a frontpage piece on the new CD.

Here is the Weller original:


Paul said...

Darren is viciously cruel about Gabrielle's eye. I despair sometimes i really do. Still she did inflict Dreams upon us... though i hear good things about her new album. Though it seems every week Popjustice is excited about how amazing a new album is then it turns out to be only ok. I forgive them though - i do that all the time :)

midnight lounge said...

I didn't think 2007 could *get* any more interesting, after getting a superb release from Tracey Thorn. Now with Darren Hayes and a Gabrielle album forthcoming, it's shaping up to be one of my favorite musical years in nearly a decade!