August 16, 2007

New Britpop: Passenger

Passenger is my Brit band du jour. There have been several this year, but this is the first one to match Ghosts in songcraft and production. They're from beachy Brighton and their sound is grounded in a soft, folksiness (is that a word?), but it's still very much pop. The extraordinary lead singer is a 22 year old named Mike Rosenberg.

They've received support from Jo Whiley (a good thing!) and are soon to release a 10-song debut album - September 10 - called Wicked Man's Rest. Today, Arjanwrites has a post with a free live MP3 that's quite good. Arjan has been championing this band for a few months now.

Passenger Wicked Man's Rest:

Oh, how I adore this song. The lyrics are quite intricate and the piano is just so delicate. This is the title track to their forthcoming album and anyone can buy a DRM-free MP3 of this tune from 7 Digital. By the way, that's the late beat poet Allen Ginsburg in the vocal clips.

Passenger Walk You Home:

Jaunty new single. Check out Mike's vocal at the start of the song. Sounds like a Lilliputan man, doesn't he? Not sure about his dancing, but he is very earnest. You believe him when he sings.

Passenger Do What You Like:

Here Mike reminds me a bit of Sinead and Dolores - the way his voice does that yodel-y crack.


Michael AKA Cayman said...

Say, those songs are nice. Thanks for sharing them.

D'luv said...

The music is nice, but did he swallow James Blunt?

xolondon said...

Michael - thank you for commenting. 38 year olds rock!

Dludicrous: HOW VERY DARE YOU!

DanProject76 said...

Once again you come up with the goods!

I agree about the dancing though. But the Casio bit through Walk You Home redeems that easily.