August 9, 2007

Off topic: The man invades my space

No, not myspace, my space. I have two Starbucks across the street from my apartment; one is in the shopping mall. Look who was getting his drink on yesterday. Becks. I hope he told them to bring back the pumpkin scone.

My guess is that he's shacked up in the Ritz Carlton attached to the mall (where XO does his tea, I hear!). I'd never have known were it not for Pink Is The New Blog.


Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

I have been known to stay in that hotel AND take tea with XO there.

Yes! Bring back the pumpkin scone!! You know my feelings on this subject are all over the internets:

xolondon said...

Hello petal! YOU took me to tea there before I took anyone else, so I owe it to you.

You were always MAJOR.

Paul said...

you breathed the same air as le becks? The same day D'Luv got a Link doll? My life is SO BORING!