August 2, 2007

Mini review: Kate Nash's Made Of Bricks

Kate Nash releases her debut album on Monday and there is pleasant surprise: No Caroline Is A Victim! That was her first loathesome single (watch it), but it's ovah, the past. Here is the tracklist for Made Of Bricks :

1. Play 2. Foundations 3. Mouthwash 4. Dickhead 5. Birds 6. We Get On 7. Mariella 8. Shit Song 9. Pumpkin Soup 10. Skeleton Soup 11. Nicest Thing 12. Merry Happy/Little Red

A few quick musings: The album is GOOD! After a false start with the useless Play, the album bounces through a strong set of numbers that are neither too sweet nor too caustic. Aside from the zeitgeisty Foundations (get it here), I am immediately thrilled by the chorus of the gorgeous, summery Mouthwash (watch a simple live version) and We Get On, the latter of which has some surprisingly strong vocals on the chorus. Criticism that she's not a "real singer" is bunk; both songs gave me chills for some reason I cannot pinpoint, but it may be because there is something about her musical persona that reminds me of the beloved Kirsty MacColl - a comment that angered a Kirsty fan on the PJ boards. I think Kate Hate rings hollow: she is too new to sweepingly diss with any objectivity. It's almost as if the trendy Lily Allen Hate has transferred onto Kate because some folks think she's Lily Lite. Bull.

Kate appeared on Jools Holland 2 months ago and the performance moved me because she seemed really nervous, as one would be, yet she pulled it off. It's so nice to catch a new artist at this moment, when you know they really want it and they're working really hard. No taking it for granted.


Paul said...

i will definitely check the album out. I'm very curious. I may run a competition for people to send in their best impressions of "you said i must eat so many leh-Monz" just for fun...

Marie Tueje said...

Have to say that your Kirsty MacColl reference alone has made me more sympathetic to the songs of Miss Nash. I therefore, reluctantly, may have to check the album out.

Other reviews so far haven't been at all damning, so maybe there is a little more substance to her after all.

xolondon said...

Oh, I hope I have not lead you astray! We Get On was the one that I felt captured the Kirsty spirit, but I don't know the album that well yet.