August 12, 2007

Maybe we could make it happen

I will join the chorus of hurrahs (and more) for Robyn's beautiful electro-baroque song With Every Heartbeat going to #1 in the UK. I hope the major labels - who did not release or promote this song! - take notice. Another blogger said this to me in an email:

Proof that new marketing models for getting music out there (including deliberate leaks) are working. Blogs to the rescue.

This song was on my Top Songs Of 2006 ironically. Bloggers on the frontier? Independent artists creating a new paradigm? I think so. Click on the tag below to see my other comments on Robyn.

1 comment:

The Richard said...

A chorus of celestial angels rejoice! Perhaps with Gabriel on a double-stacked Moog synthesiser...

It's not often a truly great record gets to be number one. I'd love it if it beat that terrible Kanye West record - at best a poor, warmed over remix of Daft Punk's classic - next week.

This reminds me I have a MPEG, two or three minutes long, of Robyn performing this great song at the O2 Wireless Festival from July. I'll post it tomorrow.